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Entry  Fri Jun 30 02:13:23 2017, gautam, Update, General, DRMI locking attempt BS_OLmods.pdf
    Reply  Fri Jun 30 11:50:17 2017, gautam, Update, General, DRMI locking attempt ITMX_glitchy.png
       Reply  Fri Jun 30 22:28:27 2017, gautam, Update, General, DRMI re-locked DRMI_relocked.pngMICH_OL.pdf
          Reply  Sat Jul 1 14:27:00 2017, Koji, Update, General, DRMI re-locked 
Message ID: 13094     Entry time: Sat Jul 1 14:27:00 2017     In reply to: 13093
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: DRMI re-locked 

Basically we use the arm cavities as the reference of the beam alignment. The incident beam is aligned such that the ITMY angle dither is minimized (at least at the dither freq).
This means that we have no capability to adjust the spot poisitions on the PRM, SRM, BS, ITMX optics.

We are still able to minimize A2L by adding intentional asymmetry to the coil actuators.

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