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Entry  Fri Jun 16 18:21:40 2017, jigyasa, Configuration, Cameras, GigE camera IP  
    Reply  Tue Jun 20 14:58:08 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, GigE camera at ETMX ETMXgige.jpg
       Reply  Tue Jun 27 16:18:59 2017, jigyasa, Update, Cameras, GigE camera at ETMX 
          Reply  Fri Jun 30 11:08:26 2017, jigyasa, Update, Cameras, GigE camera at ETMX PicturesETMX.pdfdirtyETMXwindow.jpg
             Reply  Fri Jun 30 15:25:19 2017, jigyasa, Update, Cameras, GigE camera at ETMX Image__2017-06-30__15-10-05.pdf14ms.pdf
                Reply  Fri Jun 30 16:03:54 2017, jigyasa, Update, Cameras, GigE camera at ETMX 14msexposure.png
Message ID: 13089     Entry time: Fri Jun 30 11:08:26 2017     In reply to: 13083     Reply to this: 13091
Author: jigyasa 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: GigE camera at ETMX 
With Steve's help in getting the right depth of field for imaging and focusing on the test mass with the new AR coated lens, Gautam's help with locking the arm and trying my hand at adjusting the focus of the camera yesterday, we were able to get some images of the IR beam, with the green shutter on and off at different exposures. Since the CCD is at an angle to the optic, the exposure time had to be increased signifcantly(and varied between 0.08 to 0.5 seconds) to capture bright images. 
A few frames without the IR on and with the green shutter closed were captured.
These show the OSEM and the Oplev on the test mass. 
Steve's note: AR coated camera lens M5018-SW installed at ~40 degrees
                    Atm2,  pcicture is taken through dirty window

Also the GigE has been wired and conencted to the Martian. Image acquisition is possible with Pylon.



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PicturesETMX.pdf PicturesETMX.pdf PicturesETMX.pdf PicturesETMX.pdf
Attachment 2: dirtyETMXwindow.jpg  1.097 MB  Uploaded Fri Jun 30 17:09:13 2017  | Hide | Hide all
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