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Entry  Sun Jun 25 22:30:57 2017, gautam, Update, General, c1iscex timing troubles c1iscex_status.png
    Reply  Mon Jun 26 22:01:08 2017, Koji, Update, General, c1iscex timing troubles 
       Reply  Wed Jun 28 20:15:46 2017, gautam, Update, General, c1iscex timing troubles CDS_status_28Jun2017.png
Message ID: 13079     Entry time: Sun Jun 25 22:30:57 2017     Reply to this: 13081
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: c1iscex timing troubles 

I saw that the CDS overview screen indicated problems with c1iscex (also ETMX was erratic). I took a closer look and thought it might be a timing issue - a walk to the X-end confirmed this, the 1pps status light on the timing slave card was no longer blinking. 

I tried all versions of power cycling and debugging this problem known to me, including those suggested in this thread and from a more recent time. I am leaving things as it for the night, will look into this more tomorrow. I've also shutdown the ETMX watchdog for the time being. Looks like this has been down since 24Jun 8am UTC.

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