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Entry  Thu Apr 27 17:55:33 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, which camera to use for IR scatterring pictures P4270081RAWolym.jpgImg0344.jpg
    Reply  Mon May 1 17:14:58 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, ETMY & MC2 ccd cameras removed 
    Reply  Fri May 5 08:41:42 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, MC2 resonant pictures P5040028MC2c.jpgIMG_3682.JPGIMG_3688.JPG
       Reply  Wed May 17 11:10:31 2017, Steve, Update, Cameras, MC2 CCD video camera back in place 
Message ID: 12953     Entry time: Thu Apr 27 17:55:33 2017     Reply to this: 12961   12973
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: which camera to use for IR scatterring pictures 

Yesterday I failed to take good pictures of ETMY  resonant arm of 1064 nm with Cannon Rebel T3i in RAW 22-27Mp & JPG dual- format. UFRaw file converter worked well. The IR blocker filter seems to be too good.

Today I used Olympus SP-570UZ ( without IR blocker), in raw format of 15Mp, fl 22.4mm, 15s including 2-3s flashlight,  f/8 and auto focus  This is just too much scattered IR for the Olympus.

Overexposed raw picture' jpg is shown  at the PSL with diffraction patter of the camera.

I'll go back using  the Nikon D40 with zoom 55-200mm as this Atm2 of May 2007 : manual focus, 15s, f/4-5.6, ISO 560,  826KB

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Attachment 2: Img0344.jpg  825 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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