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Entry  Tue Mar 14 09:08:11 2017, Steve, Update, Optical Levers, ETMX HeNe is dead this_morning.png
    Reply  Tue Mar 14 15:05:18 2017, Steve, Update, Optical Levers, history of ETMX oplev laser ETMX_1103P_3y.png
       Reply  Fri Mar 17 10:47:16 2017, Steve, Update, Optical Levers, ETMX oplev laser replaced 
Message ID: 12888     Entry time: Tue Mar 14 15:05:18 2017     In reply to: 12885     Reply to this: 12890
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: Optical Levers 
Subject: history of ETMX oplev laser 



ETMX oplev laser is dead. It will be replaced this after noon. Sus damping recovered.

This 3 years old HeNe [ JDS 1103P, sn 351889 ]  has been dying for some time or just playing possum at age 1,126 days

I did not replace the ETMX oplev laser because I was unable to bring up the the C1ASC_ETMX_OPTLEV_SERVO  medm screen on laptops.

Attachment 1: ETMX_1103P_3y.png  392 kB  Uploaded Wed Mar 15 11:13:29 2017  | Hide | Hide all
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