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Entry  Wed Aug 24 14:11:09 2016, Praful, Update, Electronics, Microphone Testing white_v_ambient.pngwhite_v_ambient.pdfwhite_v_ambient.pdf
    Reply  Fri Jan 20 17:12:37 2017, Steve, Update, PEM, EM172 mic is hooked up in the PSL EM172c.jpg
       Reply  Thu Feb 2 17:34:25 2017, rana, Update, PEM, EM172 mic is hooked up in the PSL MicFail.pdf
          Reply  Thu Feb 2 17:43:20 2017, gautam, Update, PEM, EM172 mic is hooked up in the PSL Mic_broken.png
Message ID: 12744     Entry time: Fri Jan 20 17:12:37 2017     In reply to: 12436     Reply to this: 12789
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: EM172 mic is hooked up in the PSL 

Gautam and Steve,

It is hanging in the midle of the PSL enclosure. Wired to 1X1 to get plus and minus 15V through fuse.    It's output is connected to FB c17 input.

GV: C17 corresponds to "MIC 1" in the PEM model. So the output is saved as "C1:PEM-MIC_1_OUT_DQ"


I added an EM172 to my soldered circuit and it seems to be working so far. I have taken a spectra using the EM172 in ambient noise in the control room as well as in white noise from Audacity. My computer's speakers are not very good so the white noise results aren't great but this was mainly to confirm that the microphone is actually working.



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