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Entry  Thu Jan 19 10:21:54 2017, Ashley, Update, General, Preliminary Microphone Data xend_psd.pngxblrms.pngIMG_3734.JPG
    Reply  Mon Feb 13 17:39:45 2017, Ashley, Update, General, Preliminary Microphone Data Update figure_1.pngx_and_y_blrms_03.pngxblrms_median.png
Message ID: 12738     Entry time: Thu Jan 19 10:21:54 2017     Reply to this: 12826
Author: Ashley 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Preliminary Microphone Data 

Brief Summary: I am currently looking at the acoustic noise around both arms to see if there are any frequencies from machinery around the lab that stand out and to see what we can remove/change. I am using a Bluebird microphone suspended with surgical tubing from the cable trays to isolate it from vibrations. I am also using a preamp and the SR875 spectrum analyzer taking 6 sets of data every 1.5 meters (0 to 200Hz, 200Hz to 400Hz, 400z to 800Hz, 800Hz to 3200Hz, 3.2kHz to 12kHz, 12kHz to 100kHz).


·                Attachment 1 is a PSD of the first 3 measurements (from 0 to 12kHz) that I took every 1.5 meters along the x arm with the preamp and spectrum analyzer

·                Attachment 2 is a blrms color map of the first 6 sets of data I took (from 2.4m to 9.9m) 

·                Attachmetn 3 is a picture of the microphone set up with the surgical tubing 

Problems that occurred: settings on the preamp made the first set of data I took significantly smaller than the data I took with the 0dB button off and the last problem I had was the spectrum analyzer reading only from -50 to -50 dBVpk



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