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Entry  Fri Nov 4 18:31:05 2016, Lydia, Update, CDS, c1auxex channels/pins for Acromag 
    Reply  Sat Nov 5 15:45:44 2016, rana, Update, CDS, c1auxex channels/pins for Acromag 
       Reply  Mon Nov 7 19:49:44 2016, Johannes, Update, CDS, acromag chassis hooked up to PSL acromag_chassis_location.jpgacromag_chassis_top_view.jpg
          Reply  Tue Nov 8 17:51:09 2016, Lydia, Update, CDS, acromag chassis hooked up to PSL 
             Reply  Mon Nov 21 19:54:13 2016, Johannes, Update, CDS, acromag chassis hooked up to PSL acromag_chassis.jpg
                Reply  Wed Nov 30 11:56:56 2016, Lydia, Update, CDS, Wiring for Acromag auxex replacement auxex_acromag.pdf
                   Reply  Wed Nov 30 14:54:01 2016, Johannes, Update, CDS, Slow machine replacement 
                      Reply  Wed Dec 14 19:16:57 2016, Lydia, Update, CDS, Acromag Binary I/O testing 
                         Reply  Tue Jan 31 22:15:02 2017, Johannes, Update, CDS, vme crate backplane adapter boards vme_backplane_conn_sketch.jpg
                            Reply  Tue Feb 7 19:14:59 2017, Johannes, Update, CDS, vme crate backplane adapter board layout vme_backplane.pdf
                               Reply  Wed Feb 15 00:26:44 2017, Johannes, Update, DAQ, panels and pcbs acromag_chassis_panel.pdfvme_backplane_panel.pdfrfAmp.pdf
                                  Reply  Wed Feb 15 09:06:13 2017, ericq, Update, DAQ, panels and pcbs 
                                     Reply  Wed Feb 15 22:21:12 2017, Lydia, Update, DAQ, panels and pcbs 
Message ID: 12604     Entry time: Mon Nov 7 19:49:44 2016     In reply to: 12600     Reply to this: 12607
Author: Johannes 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: acromag chassis hooked up to PSL 

[Lydia, Johannes]

We're waiting on the last couple electrical components to arrive that are needed to complete the acromag chassis, but it is essentially operational. Right now it is connected to the PSL Mephisto's diagnostics port, for which only a single XT1221 A/D unit is needed. We assigned the IP address to it. For the time being I'm running a tmux session on megatron (named "acromag") that grabs and broadcasts the epics channels, with Lydia's original channel definitions. Since the chassis is 4U tall, there's not really any place in the rack for it, so we might want to move it to the X-end before we start shuffling rack components around. Once we finalize its location we can proceed with adding the channels to the frames.

For the eventual gradual replacement of the slow machines, we need to put some thought into the connectors we want in the chassis. If we want to replicate the VME crate connectors we probably need to make our own PCB boards for them, as there don't seem to be panel-mount screw terminal blocks readily available for DIN 41612 connectors. Furthermore, if we want to add whitening/AA filters, the chassis may actually be large enough to accomodate them, and arranging things on the inside is quite flexible. There are a few things to be considered when moving forward, for example how many XT units we can practically fit in the chassis (space availability, heat generation, and power requirements) and thus how many channels/connectors we can support with each.

Steve: 1X3 has plenty of room

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Attachment 2: acromag_chassis_top_view.jpg  1.836 MB  | Hide | Hide all
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