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Entry  Wed Aug 10 18:10:26 2016, Praful, Update, Electronics, Mic Amplifier huddle_setup.jpgmore_setup.jpgmic_setup.jpg
    Reply  Wed Aug 10 19:37:08 2016, gautam, Update, Electronics, Mic Amplifier 
Message ID: 12396     Entry time: Wed Aug 10 19:37:08 2016     In reply to: 12395
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Mic Amplifier 

In order to help Praful do his huddle test, I have temporarily arranged for the outputs of the 3 channels he wants to monitor to be acquired as DQ channels at 2048 Hz by editing the C1PEM model. No prior DQ channels were set up for the microphones. Data collected overnight should be sufficient for Praful's analysis, so we can remove these DQ channels from C1PEM before committing the updated model to the svn. There is in fact a filter that is enabled for these microphone channels that claims to convert the amplified microphone output to Pascals, but it is just a gain of 0.0005. 

In the long term, once we install microphones around the IFO, we can update C1PEM to reflect the naming conventions for the microphones as is appropriate.

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