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Entry  Wed Aug 10 18:10:26 2016, Praful, Update, Electronics, Mic Amplifier huddle_setup.jpgmore_setup.jpgmic_setup.jpg
    Reply  Wed Aug 10 19:37:08 2016, gautam, Update, Electronics, Mic Amplifier 
Message ID: 12395     Entry time: Wed Aug 10 18:10:26 2016     Reply to this: 12396
Author: Praful 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Mic Amplifier 

I set up 3 of my circuits in the interferometer near MC2 to do a huddle test. I have the signals from my microphones going into C1:PEM-MIC_1_IN1, C1:PEM-MIC_2_IN1, and C1:PEM-MIC_3_IN1. These are channels C17-C19. Here are some pictures of my setup:

I'll likely be collecting data from this for a couple of hours. Please don't touch it for now- it should be gone soon. There are some wires running along the floor near MC2 as well.

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