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Entry  Tue Jul 26 14:24:38 2016, Koji, Summary, VAC, Purge compressed air system at LHO 12x
    Reply  Tue Jul 26 16:01:32 2016, Steve, Summary, VAC, Purge compressed air system cleanAirSupl.pdfmobileHEPA.jpg
       Reply  Tue Jul 26 17:41:59 2016, Koji, Summary, VAC, Purge compressed air system 
Message ID: 12338     Entry time: Tue Jul 26 16:01:32 2016     In reply to: 12337     Reply to this: 12339
Author: Steve 
Type: Summary 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Purge compressed air system 

Thanks for checking this out Koji

The builder in 1996 was Process System International, Inc ( Westborough, MA ) It does not exist any longer or I just could not find them. Flow diagramm at Atm1

Should I be keep looking for a company who could quote us for building a similar smaller unit with 10 - 15 cfm flowrate?

Note: my intension with the two mobile-overhead HEPA filter was the same as John Worden's " clean air overpressured tent " at chamber entrance.

Atm2, Our unit has 650 cfm, velocity 90 fpm at resistance 0.5"    It may be enough to give a little overpressure if we seal it well to the chamber

We use to use them to minimize dirt getting inside the chanbers.

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Attachment 2: mobileHEPA.jpg  866 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 27 11:15:53 2016  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
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