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Entry  Thu Jan 15 22:30:32 2009, rana, Configuration, DMF, DMF start script 
    Reply  Fri Jan 16 11:33:59 2009, rob, Configuration, DMF, DMF start script 
Message ID: 1232     Entry time: Fri Jan 16 11:33:59 2009     In reply to: 1230
Author: rob 
Type: Configuration 
Category: DMF 
Subject: DMF start script 

I tried to restart the DMF using the start_all script: http://dziban.ligo.caltech.edu:40/40m/280

it didn't work Frown

It should work soon. The PATH on mafalda does not include ".", so I added a line to the start_DMF subscript, which sets up the DMF ENV, to prepend this to the path before starting the tools. I didn't put it in the primary login path (such as in the .cshrc file) because Steve objects on philosophical grounds.

Also, the epics tools in general (such as tdsread) on mafalda were not working, due to PATH shenanigans and missing caRepeaters. Yoichi is harmonizing it.
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