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Entry  Tue Nov 4 17:58:42 2008, Alberto, DAQ, PSL, MC temperature sensor 
    Reply  Wed Jan 14 15:53:32 2009, steve, DAQ, PSL, MC temperature sensor 
       Reply  Thu Jan 22 14:38:41 2009, caryn, DAQ, PSL, MC temperature sensor 
Message ID: 1228     Entry time: Wed Jan 14 15:53:32 2009     In reply to: 1114     Reply to this: 1246
Author: steve 
Type: DAQ 
Category: PSL 
Subject: MC temperature sensor 

I added a channel for the temperature sensor on the MC1/MC3 chamber: C1:PSL-MC_TEMP_SEN.
To do that I had to reboot the frame builder. The slow servo of the FSS had to get restarted, the reference cavity locked and so the PMC and MZ.

Where is this channel?
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