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Entry  Wed Dec 23 16:15:47 2015, rana, Omnistructure, ALARM, fire alarm 
    Reply  Mon Jun 27 15:26:03 2016, Steve, Omnistructure, ALARM, fire alarm test fireAlarmTest.png
Message ID: 12216     Entry time: Mon Jun 27 15:26:03 2016     In reply to: 11901
Author: Steve 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: ALARM 
Subject: fire alarm test 

The fire alarm came on around 15:05  for about 2-3 minutes. We all  left the lab and counted heads.  I called Paul Mackel x2646 (cell 626/ 890- 3259) at Fire Protection Services. He said that this alarm test was planned and we should of got an email notice. Perhaps I missed that notes.


Fire alarm went off several minutes ago. Talked to security and they said there was no fire. It beeped twice again just now. No one has been working on the IFO today.


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