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Message ID: 1218     Entry time: Thu Jan 8 20:26:17 2009
Author: rob 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: General 
Subject: Earthquake in San Bernardino 
Magnitude 4.5

* Friday, January 09, 2009 at 03:49:46 UTC
* Thursday, January 08, 2009 at 07:49:46 PM at epicenter

Location 34.113N, 117.294W
Depth 13.8 km (8.6 miles)

* 2 km (1 miles) S (183) from San Bernardino, CA
* 6 km (4 miles) NNE (25) from Colton, CA
* 8 km (5 miles) E (89) from Rialto, CA
* 88 km (55 miles) E (86) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA

Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 0.3 km (0.2 miles); depth +/- 0.8 km (0.5 miles)
Parameters Nph=142, Dmin=1 km, Rmss=0.38 sec, Gp= 14,
M-type=moment magnitude (Mw), Version=Q

I felt it from home.

All the watchdogs are tripped, vacuum normal. It looks like all the OSEM sensor values are swinging, so presumably no broken magnets. I'm leaving the suspensions off so we can take fine-res spectra overnight.

Watchout for crappy cables coming loose.
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