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Entry  Wed Dec 31 22:59:40 2008, Yoichi, Summary, Environment, Particle counts going crazy 
    Reply  Thu Jan 1 01:07:03 2009, Yoichi, Summary, Environment, Particle counts going crazy 
Message ID: 1211     Entry time: Thu Jan 1 01:07:03 2009     In reply to: 1209
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Summary 
Category: Environment 
Subject: Particle counts going crazy 
I increased the fan speed of the PSL HEPA filter to the maximum.

Yes it is a new year's eve, and a lot of crazy people are on Colorado to secure seats for the parade tomorrow.
They are burning woods to warm themselves. So smoky smell is floating around in the campus
and naturally the particle count is going up.

Actually at first I thought some building is on fire and called the security. Then they found
that it is the people on Colorado.

Now C1:PEM-count_half is 28400 and it is still climbing up.
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