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Entry  Sun Dec 20 23:23:54 2015, ericq, Update, ALARM, Rats. 
    Reply  Mon Dec 21 14:31:41 2015, Steve, Update, PEM, Rat traps set ratsNC.jpg
       Reply  Tue Jan 5 09:48:52 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, Rat trap moved  
          Reply  Tue Jan 5 15:48:16 2016, Steve, Update, safety, Rat trap locations  Control_Room.jpgEarmCESdoor.jpg1Y1.jpgMC2.jpgXarmMaglev.jpg
             Reply  Tue Jan 5 17:19:57 2016, rana, Update, safety, Rat trap locations  
       Reply  Mon Feb 1 09:16:32 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, Rat got cut bingo.jpgbingo3.png
          Reply  Thu Oct 27 09:38:32 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, mouse mouse.jpg
             Reply  Tue Nov 8 08:51:59 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, mouse hole sealed CES108rs.jpg
                Reply  Mon Nov 21 11:30:01 2016, Steve, Update, PEM, rat is cut and removed rat#2.png
                   Reply  Wed Jan 10 09:49:28 2018, Steve, Update, PEM, the rat is back 
Message ID: 11913     Entry time: Tue Jan 5 17:19:57 2016     In reply to: 11911
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: safety 
Subject: Rat trap locations  

In the modern times, people use glue traps to catch rats instead of springs. They are less hazardous to people and don't spread rat fluid on the floor.

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