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Entry  Tue Nov 17 20:40:08 2015, yutaro, Summary, ASC, Loss maps of arm cavities 
    Reply  Wed Nov 18 11:22:13 2015, yutaro, Update, ASC, Loss maps of arm cavities ETM_PIT_up.pngETM_PIT_up.pngETM_YAW_up.png
       Reply  Fri Dec 4 10:18:33 2015, yutaro, Update, ASS, Offset in the dither loop of XARM vs beam spot shift on ETMX offset-angleETMXPIT.pngoffset-angleETMXYAW.png
Message ID: 11779     Entry time: Wed Nov 18 11:22:13 2015     In reply to: 11776     Reply to this: 11846
Author: yutaro 
Type: Update 
Category: ASC 
Subject: Loss maps of arm cavities 

I got linear relation between these. The results and method are below.


In preparation for the measurement of loss maps of arm cavities, I measured the relationship between:

the offset just after the demodulation of dithering loop (C1:ASS-YARM_ETM_PIT_L_DEMOD_I_OFFSET and C1:ASS-YARM_ETM_YAW_L_DEMOD_I_OFFSET)



while the dithering script is running. With the angle of ETMY, we can calculate the beam spot on the ETMY assuming that the beam spot on the ITMY is not changed thanks to the dithering. What we have to do is to check the calbration of oplev with another way to measure the angle, to see if the results are reliable or not.

I will report the results later.






I added offset (C1:ASS-YARM_ETM_PIT_L_DEMOD_I_OFFSET and C1:ASS-YARM_ETM_YAW_L_DEMOD_I_OFFSET) to shift the beam spot on ETMY. For each data point, I measured the difference in angle of ETMY with oplev before and after adding offset. The precedure for each measurement I employed is following:

-- run dither

-- wait until error signals of dithering settle down

-- freeze dither

-- measure angle (10s avg)

-- add offset

-- wait until error signals of dithering settle down

-- freeze dither

-- measure angle (10s avg)

The reason why I measured the angle without offset for each measurement is that the angle which oplev shows changed with time (~several tens of minutes or something). 



At the maximum values of offsets, the arm transmission power started to degrade, so the range where I can do this measurement is limited by these values as for now. However, we have to shift the beam spot more in order to make loss maps of sufficiently broad area on the mirror (the beam width (w) on ETM; w ~ 5 mm). Then, we have to find out how to shift the beam spot more.  


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