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Entry  Thu Aug 13 20:32:07 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, Working towards YARM FF  
    Reply  Thu Aug 13 23:57:33 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, YARM coherence plots YARM_psd.pngYARM_GUR1_COH.pngYARM_STS_COH.pngYARM_GUR1_COH.png
    Reply  Fri Aug 14 21:40:26 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, Quick static offline subtractions of YARM arms_wiener.png
    Reply  Sat Aug 15 02:10:35 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, MCL FF => YARM FF YARM_LIVES.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 19 00:55:35 2015, Ignacio, Update, LSC, LSC-YARM-EXC to LSC-YARM-IN1 TF measurement + error analysis master_plot.pngcoherence.png
Message ID: 11510     Entry time: Sat Aug 15 02:10:35 2015     In reply to: 11503
Author: Ignacio 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: MCL FF => YARM FF 

In my last post I calculated the different subtractions (offline) that could be done to YARM alone just to get a sense of what seismometers were better witnesses for the Wiener filter calculation. 

In this eLOG I show what subtractions can be done when the MCL has FF on (as well as Eric's PRC FF), with the SISO filter described on elog:11496.

The plot below shows what can be done offline,

What is great about this results is that the T240-X and T240-Y channels are plenty enough to mitigate any remaining YARM seismic noise but also to get rid of that nasty peak at 55 Hz induced by the MCL FF filter.

The caviat, I haven't measured the TF for the ETMY actuator to YARM control signal. I need to do this and recompute the FIR filters with the prefiltered witnesses in order to move on to the IIR converions and online FF!


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