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Entry  Tue Nov 18 13:28:08 2008, Caryn, DAQ, IOO, new channel for MC drum modes 
    Reply  Wed Nov 19 18:12:35 2008, rana, Configuration, IOO, new channel for MC drum modes 
Message ID: 1148     Entry time: Wed Nov 19 18:12:35 2008     In reply to: 1143
Author: rana 
Type: Configuration 
Category: IOO 
Subject: new channel for MC drum modes 
I set up the lockin to take the MC Demod Board's Qmon signal, demodulate it at 27.5 kHz, and
put the output into a DAQ channel (I think its either MC_DRUM1 or MC1_TEMPS). However,
the MC_DRUM channel doesn't look like its getting anything in the DTT although it looked fine
on a scope. I used the 'sensitivity' setting of the lockin to make the demodulated signal
large enough but not so large that it would saturate the ADC (+/- 2V).
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