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Entry  Thu May 14 17:41:10 2015, rana, Update, PEM, weather station and Guralp maintenance GurPost_150514.pngsecretWeatherTrends.png
    Reply  Sat May 16 21:40:29 2015, rana, Update, PEM, Guralp maintenance GurPost_150516.png
       Reply  Thu May 28 10:42:19 2015, Steve, Update, PEM, bad Guralp X-cable Gurs180dXbad.pngswappedGurs.png
          Reply  Thu May 28 15:10:44 2015, rana, Update, PEM, Seismic Confusion 
    Reply  Tue May 26 11:05:10 2015, Steve, Update, PEM, worked around ETMY seism. ETMYseismic.pngcut.jpg
Message ID: 11330     Entry time: Thu May 28 15:10:44 2015     In reply to: 11329
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Seismic Confusion 

You are plotting the STS channels, not Guralp. These are for the Trillium 240 seismometer.

Also, you cannot tell if the seismometer is working by plotting the MEAN trend. That just gives the average and we need the fluctuations. Better off looking at the spectrum like I did last time.

And....its not good enough to just do the bubble. You have to do the mass centering procedure that you and I did last time with the breakout paddle.

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