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Entry  Sun Apr 19 15:03:26 2015, Jenne, Update, Electronics, Low noise pre-amps? 
    Reply  Mon Apr 20 16:18:29 2015, Jenne, Update, Electronics, Low noise pre-amps: returned 
       Reply  Mon Apr 20 21:26:46 2015, rana, Update, Electronics, Low noise pre-amps: returned 
Message ID: 11228     Entry time: Mon Apr 20 21:26:46 2015     In reply to: 11226
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Low noise pre-amps: returned 

+1 to both Evan and Zach for prompt info and +2 to you for getting more stuff than you started looking for. -2 karma to whomever had swiped them and hoarded without signing. You should put a 40m sticker on both of them. Make sure to check / use fresh batteries. The Busby box is BJT based and works on low impedance sources, the Rai box works on anything, but (I am guessing) has less CMRR.


The Rai box was in the Cryo lab, and the Busby box was in the TCS lab.  Neither had been signed out.  Lame.  Anyhow, thanks to Evan and Zach's memories of having seen them recently, they have been returned to the 40m where they belong.  (Also, I grabbed a spare Marconi while I was over there, for the phase noise measurement).


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