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Entry  Tue Jan 20 09:32:19 2015, Steve, Update, PEM, dusty Monday morning dustyMorning.png
    Reply  Fri Feb 6 10:03:23 2015, Steve, Update, PEM, dusty days duststorm.png
       Reply  Mon Apr 27 09:09:15 2015, Steve, Update, PEM, air cond filters checked 400d.png
          Reply  Tue May 29 16:33:04 2018, Steve, Update, PEM, air cond filters replaced 
             Reply  Wed Jun 20 09:16:56 2018, Steve, Update, PEM, dusty lab AP.JPGITMY.JPGITMX.JPGSP.JPG
Message ID: 10983     Entry time: Fri Feb 6 10:03:23 2015     In reply to: 10922     Reply to this: 11259
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: dusty days 



Yesterday morning was dusty. I wonder why?

The PRM sus damping was restored this morning.

Yesterday afternoon at 4 the dust count peaked 70,000 counts

Manasa's alergy was bad at the X-end yesterday. What is going on?

There was no wind and CES neighbors did not do anything.

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