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Entry  Fri Oct 17 21:41:09 2008, Yoichi, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, burtwb missing on Solaris but installed on linux64 
    Reply  Mon Oct 20 12:18:38 2008, Alan, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, burtwb missing on Solaris but installed on linux64 
Message ID: 1058     Entry time: Mon Oct 20 12:18:38 2008     In reply to: 1056
Author: Alan 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: burtwb missing on Solaris but installed on linux64 

c1lsc stalled this evening, so I powercycled it.
After that, I tried to lock arms to confirm the computer is working.
Then I realized that the restore alignment buttons do not work from any control room computer.
I found that it was because burtwb command was missing. For Solaris, looks like there used to be /cvs/cds/epics/extensions/burtwb but now
there is no /cvs/cds/epics directory. I thought there were directories other than "caltech" in /cvs/cds/, weren't there ?
Right now, there is only /cvs/cds/caltech.
Anyway, I installed burt for 64bit linux computer (under /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/linux64/epics/extensions/).
At this moment the alignment save/restore works on allegra (and probably on rosalba), but not on op440m yet.

The automatic backup of /cvs/cds (and /frames/minute-trends ) to the LIGO archive in Powell-Booth,
which runs from fb40m using the scripts in /cvs/cds/caltech/scripts/backup ,
stopped when fb40m was rebooted on June 28, 2008,
and the check_backup script I run to send an email when this happens also failed due to a scripting error.

But we still have a backup of /cvs/cds from June 27.

The backup of /cvs/cds (excluding /cvs/cds/caltech and /cvs/cds/tmp)
circa June 27, 2008
has been restored to
/cvs/cds/recover_20081020 .

Please check to see that it has what we need.

Before moving it over to where it belongs,
it would be really nice to figure out what happened...

Meanwhile, I have fixed the check_backup script and restarted the backup, which will run this evening...
but maybe I should wait till the dust settles?

Now is also a good time to think about whether there is anything else besides for
/cvs/cds and /frames/minute-trends that should be backed up regularly.

- Alan
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