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Message ID: 10245     Entry time: Mon Jul 21 10:51:06 2014
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: N2 supply run out 

Interlock closed valve V1, V4, V5 and VM1 when the nitrogen supply run out. The IFO pressure rose to P1 1 mTorr

In order to recover Vacuum Normal valve configuration I did the following:

Replaced both nitrogen cylinders. Confirmed pneumatic nitrogen pressure 70 PSI.   Opened valves V4 and V5

At P2 < 1 mTorr, Maglev rotation 560 Hz , V1 was opened.

VM1 was opened when CC1 pressure dropped below < 1e-5 torr


Please  take a look at the N2 cylinders pressure on Friday to insure that there is enough for the week end.

The daily consumption is 600-700 PSI

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