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Message ID: 10203     Entry time: Tue Jul 15 17:34:01 2014
Author: manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: proposing AOM re-alignment 

I am going to tweak the alignment of the beam into the AOM (before the PMC) tomorrow morning. If anybody has any objections to this, please raise a red flag.

Proposed alignment procedure:

1. Reduce PSL power to say 10% 

2.  Since the AOM is not on any sort of a mechanical stage, I will have to just play around carefully until I see a maximum power rejection into first order.

I am assuming that moving the AOM is not going to affect the input pointing because all these activities are happening before the PMC. So as long as I have the output beam from the AOM aligned to the PMC at the end, everyone should be happy.

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