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Entry  Fri Jul 11 22:02:52 2014, Jamie, Chris, Omnistructure, CDS, cdsutils: multifarious upgrades 
    Reply  Wed Aug 6 13:17:21 2014, ericq, Omnistructure, CDS, cdsutils: multifarious upgrades 
Message ID: 10188     Entry time: Fri Jul 11 22:02:52 2014     Reply to this: 10339
Author: Jamie, Chris 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: CDS 
Subject: cdsutils: multifarious upgrades 

To make the latest cdsutils available in the control room, we've done the following:

Upgrade pianosa to Ubuntu 12 (cdsutils depends on python2.7, not found in the previous release)

  • Enable distribution upgrades in the Ubuntu Software Center prefs
  • Check for updates in the Update Manager and click the big "Upgrade" button

Note that rossa remains on Ubuntu 10 for now.

Upgrade cdsutils to r260

  • Instructions here
  • cdsutils-238 was left as the default pointed to by the cdsutils symlink, for rossa's sake

Built and installed the nds2-client (a cdsutils dependency)

  • Checked out the source tree from svn into /ligo/svncommon/nds2
  • Built tags/nds2_client_0_10_5 (install instructions are here; build dependencies were installed by apt-get on chiara)
  • ./configure --prefix=/ligo/apps/ubuntu12/nds2-client-0.10.5; make; make install
  • In /ligo/apps/ubuntu12: ln -s nds2-client-0.10.5 nds2-client

nds2-client was apparently installed locally as a deb in the past, but the version in lscsoft seems broken currently (unknown symbols?). We should revisit this.

Built and installed pyepics (a cdsutils dependency)

  • Download link to ~/src on chiara
  • python setup.py build; python setup.py install --prefix=/ligo/apps/ubuntu12/pyepics-3.2.3
  • In /ligo/apps/ubuntu12: ln -s pyepics-3.2.3 pyepics

pyepics was also installed as deb before; should revisit when Jamie gets back.

Added the gqrx ppa and installed gnuradio (dependency of the waterfall plotter)

Added a test in /ligo/apps/ligoapps-user-env.sh to load the new cdsutils only on Ubuntu 12.

The end result:

controls@chiara|~ > z
usage: cdsutils  

Advanced LIGO Control Room Utilites

Available commands:

  read         read EPICS channel value
  write        write EPICS channel value
  switch       switch buttons in standard LIGO filter module
  avg          average one or more NDS channels for a specified amount of seconds
  servo        servos channel with a simple integrator (pole at zero)
  trigservo    servos channel with a simple integrator (pole at zero)
  audio        Play channel as audio stream.
  dv           Plot time series of channels from NDS.
  water        Live waterfall plotter for LIGO data

  version      print version info and exit
  help         this help

Add '-h' after individual commands for command help.
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