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Entry  Wed Jul 9 23:02:33 2014, Harry, Update, General, Beam Waists via Beamscan beamscanSetup.pngbeamProfileX.pngbeamProfileY.pngbeamScanWaist.zipbeamScanWaists.png
    Reply  Thu Jul 10 19:37:54 2014, Manasa, Update, General, PM980 fiber tested OK 
Message ID: 10170     Entry time: Wed Jul 9 23:02:33 2014     Reply to this: 10180
Author: Harry 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Beam Waists via Beamscan 

 Today, I borrowed the beam profiler from Brian (another SURF) in order to double check my razor blade measurement figures, using the below setup:


Measurements are included in the a la mode code that is attached entitled beamfit.m. The beam fitting application yielded me waists (after the lens) of 35.44 um in the x plane, and 33.26 um in the y plane. These are both within 3 um of the measurements I found using the razor blade method. (I moved and resized the labels for the waists in the figure below for readability purposes.)


I then plugged these waists back into ALM, in addition to the lens specifications, to determine waist size and location of the NPRO, which turned out to be 543 um in the x located at Z = 1.160m, and 536 um in the y, located at 1.268m. These measurements are based upon zero at the waist after the lens, and the positive direction being back toward the NPRO.


The only systemic difference between these measurement and my original razor blade measurements was that I had taken the focal length of the lens as 75mm, which is advertised on the manufacturer's site. However, the more detailed specs revealed that the focal length was 85.8mm at 1064nm, which made a difference of about 400 um for the final waist determination.

Attachment 4: beamScanWaist.zip  35 kB  Uploaded Thu Jul 10 16:19:21 2014
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