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Entry  Thu Jul 3 16:28:38 2014, Nichin, Update, Electronics, RF cables installed AS55_03-07-2014_162634.pdf
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Message ID: 10128     Entry time: Thu Jul 3 16:28:38 2014     Reply to this: 10133   10142
Author: Nichin 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: RF cables installed 

 [ Nichin, Eric G]

RF cables have been installed between deomodulator output PD RF MON and the RF switch for the following PDs:

 REFL33, AS55, REFL55,REFL165,REFL11,POX11,POP22

The cables are labelled on both ends and have been run on the overhead tray.

The cabling looks neat on 1Y2, but not so much in 1Y1(RF switch). I will better organize them later.

There were quite a few more demodulator units labelled with PD names. Do any of them need to be included in the automated frequency response measurement system? Please let me know so that I can include them to the RF switch and check them for proper illumination, which i will do for all the above PDs next week.

Test run:

I tested the RF switch selection code and then the data acquisition code for the NWAG4395A network analyzer and they both seemed to work fine. I selected the channel to which AS55 is hooked up to and then remotely got its transfer function.

There is quite some noise in the system as the plot shows. Especially the phase. Maybe my driving power was a bit too low. Have to figure out the reason behind this.

Further work:

  • Make sure all the PDs are properly illuminated.
  • Create a DC voltage reading's database for all PDs.
  • Canonical plots for each PD to compare with the current data.
  • Implement a script to fit the transfer function and extract required information about the PD.




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