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Entry  Fri Jun 20 16:36:44 2014, Nichin, Update, Electronics, RF cables removed 
    Reply  Tue Jun 24 16:52:43 2014, Nichin, Update, Electronics, An RF cable re-installed 
Message ID: 10082     Entry time: Fri Jun 20 16:36:44 2014     Reply to this: 10093
Author: Nichin 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: RF cables removed 

 [Nichin, Eric G]

As mentioned in Elog 10062, we found RF cables running between demodulators in rack 1Y2 and RF switch in 1Y1 to have bad SMA connectors (No shield / bad soldering / no caps).

we pulled out all the cables belonging to PD frequency response measurement system , 8 in total, and all of them about 5.5m in length.

Their labels read :

REFL33, REFL11, REFL55, AS55, POX11, REFL165, POP22 and POP110. 

All of them are now sitting inside a plastic box in the contorl room.

On another note, instead of fixing all the cables ourselves, Steve and Eric G decided to order custom made RF cables from Pasternack as professionally soldered cables are worth it. We have placed an order for 2 cables (RG405-550CM) to check out  and test them before we order all of the cables.

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