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Entry  Thu Jun 19 17:11:52 2014, steve, Update, PEM, it is warmer today warmertoday.png
    Reply  Mon Sep 22 10:18:58 2014, steve, Update, PEM, lab temperatures summerheat.png
       Reply  Tue Nov 4 10:40:46 2014, steve, Update, PEM, lab temperatures and particle counts PEM100d.png
          Reply  Mon Dec 8 09:03:49 2014, steve, Update, PEM, air cond maintenance tomorrow morning 
             Reply  Wed Dec 10 14:26:13 2014, steve, Update, PEM, air cond maintenance and particle plot 05.png
                Reply  Fri Sep 16 14:15:28 2016, steve, Update, PEM, partical counts 80days.png
                   Reply  Fri Dec 2 10:57:08 2016, steve, Update, PEM, door seal replaced 1_year_PEM.png
                   Reply  Fri Feb 17 10:56:12 2017, steve, Update, PEM, particle counter moved into PSL enclousure from_here.jpgto_here.jpgPSL_particles.png
                      Reply  Tue Feb 21 10:08:35 2017, steve, Update, PEM, noisy morning outside_activity.png
                      Reply  Wed Feb 22 08:54:17 2017, steve, Update, PEM, PSL enclousure particle count dusty__PSL.png
                         Reply  Tue Feb 28 08:04:48 2017, steve, Update, PEM, ETMX damping recovered ETMX.png
                            Reply  Tue Feb 28 18:25:22 2017, rana, Update, PEM, ETMX damping recovered 
                               Reply  Thu Mar 16 08:22:16 2017, Steve, Update, SUS, ETMX damping  laser_power_glitch.png
                            Reply  Mon Aug 28 10:51:21 2017, steve, Update, SUS, ETMX damping recovered ETMX_restored.png
                      Reply  Mon Mar 20 17:12:08 2017, steve, Update, PEM, particle counter inside of PSL enclousure enclousure_partical_count.png
                         Reply  Mon Mar 27 15:36:27 2017, Steve, Update, PEM, particle counter inside of PSL enclousure HEPA_flow_effects.png
Message ID: 10075     Entry time: Thu Jun 19 17:11:52 2014     Reply to this: 10523
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: it is warmer today 

 The PSL HEPA was running at 30VAC-variac. It is 1 degree C warmer than usual. The HEPA fan motor turned up to 60 V

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