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Entry  Tue Jun 10 11:54:36 2014, Zach, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWikis are still down 
    Reply  Tue Jun 10 19:11:27 2014, Evan, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWikis are back up 
       Reply  Wed Jun 11 05:16:14 2014, Zach, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWikis are back up 
          Reply  Wed Jun 11 10:15:15 2014, Evan, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWikis are back up 
             Reply  Wed Jun 11 20:09:37 2014, Zach, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWiki situation 
             Reply  Mon Aug 11 23:50:38 2014, rana, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWikis are back up 
                Reply  Mon Apr 10 15:22:46 2017, rana, Configuration, Wiki, DokuWikis are back up 
Message ID: 10021     Entry time: Tue Jun 10 19:11:27 2014     In reply to: 10019     Reply to this: 10022
Author: Evan 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Wiki 
Subject: DokuWikis are back up 

As of this writing, the DokuWiki appears to be working.

As you and I suspected, it looks like this was a clusterwhoops with the permissions for the NFS mount. Let's recap what happened in the past 24 hours:

  1. Yesterday, 8 PM: I restart the Apache server, thereby resurrecting the SVN (now conveniently located at /export/home/svn). The DokuWikis remain borked.
  2. Yesterday, 7 to 11 PM: Zach, Rana, and Jenne perform deep magic to get the front-end machines up and running again. This should be irrelevant for this Apache/SVN/DokuWiki witchcraft.
  3. Today, morning: the townsfolk happily resume their svn up and svn ci festival.
  4. Today, ca. 3 PM: Zach runs stopapache.sh to bring down Apache, thinking he can bring it back up momentarily with startapache.sh. But NFS is a jealous and vengeful god, and Apache now complains that it doesn't have permission to write to its logfiles, and therefore can't start httpd.
  5. Today, 5 PM: "How can this be?", Zach and I ask. Apache had no problem starting up yesterday night, and to our knowledge nobody futzed with chiara's NFS mount of /home/cds. This change remains mysterious to us.

Despite the aforementioned mystery, Zach and I pressed on and tried to diagnose the permissions issue. We found that even if you are logged into nodus or pianosa or rossa or whatever as the controls user, the NFS mount saw us as the user nobody (in the group nogroup). If we created a file on the NFS mount, it was owned by nobody/nogroup. If we tried to modify a file on the NFS mount that was owned by controls/controls or controls/staff, we got a "permission denied" error, even if we tried with superuser privileges.

It turns out this has to do with the vagaries of NFS (scroll down to gotcha #4). We have all_squash enabled in /etc/exports , which means that no matter your username or group on nodus, rossa, pianosa, or harpischordsa, NFS coerces your UID/GID to chiara's nobody/nogroup. Anyway, the fix was to go into chiara's /etc/exports and change this


to this


where 1001/1001 are the UID/GID for chiara's controls/controls (as opposed to 65534/65534 for chiara's nobody/nogroup). That way, the NFS mount sees you as chiara's controls/controls.
In order to make chiara's NFS daemon aware of the new /etc/export settings, I ran sudo exportfs -r based on the answer to this StackOverflow question. As with all the best StackOverflow questions, the moderators closed it for being "off-topic".
[Edit, 2014-06-11, 11 AM: I've repeated the above anonuid/anongid change for the /home/cds/caltech/home/controls mount, so that nodus's /home/controls is writeable as well. I've also added a .screenrc for nodus in order to maintain sanity.]
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