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Message ID: 10017     Entry time: Mon Jun 9 23:08:58 2014
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC board checkout 

Rana mentioned this in his elog entry re: SLOW computer recovery, but I want to highlight it:

We cannot yet lock the mode cleaner.

It seems that we need to be aware of the sticky slider issue that we have seen for years (although don't deal with too often) that a burt restore will make it seem like an EPICS channel is at some value, but in fact it is at some other value.  For any sliders or buttons in question, change the value by some amount, and then change it back.  This forces things to refresh, and it'll then be at the value that is reported.

However, for the MC board, this seems to not be enough.  Changing the offset slider doesn't seem to actually change the offset value.  The fast output of the MC board is railed at 9.996 V.  So.  We need to check out the MC servo board and ensure that we are actually connected and talking to it through the c1iool0 (C1i-oh-oh-L-zero, to make the characters more clear) slow machine.

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