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Entry  Mon Jun 9 11:42:00 2014, Jenne, Update, CDS, Computer status 
    Reply  Mon Jun 9 12:19:17 2014, ericq, Update, CDS, Computer status 
       Reply  Mon Jun 9 22:26:44 2014, rana, zach, Update, CDS, SLOW controls recovery 
          Reply  Wed Jun 11 14:36:57 2014, Jenne, Update, CDS, SLOW controls recovery 
             Reply  Wed Jun 11 15:57:18 2014, Jenne, Update, CDS, Note on cables for talking to slow computers 06111401.PDF
                Reply  Thu Jun 12 15:31:47 2014, Jamie, Update, CDS, Note on cables for talking to slow computers 
             Reply  Wed Jun 11 16:01:31 2014, Steve, Update, CDS, c1Vac1 and c1vac2 rebooted beforeReboot.png
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Message ID: 10015     Entry time: Mon Jun 9 22:26:44 2014     In reply to: 10011     Reply to this: 10025
Author: rana, zach 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: SLOW controls recovery 

 All of the SLOW computers were in limbo since the fileserver/nameserver change, but me and Zach brought them back.

One of the troubles, was that we were unable to telnet into these computers once they failed to boot (due to not having a connection to their bootserver).

  1. Needed special DB9-RJ45 cable to connect from (old) laptop serial ports to the Motorola VME162 machines (e.g. c1psl, c1iool0, c1aux, etc.); thanks to Dave Barker for sending me the details on how to make these. Tara found 2 of these that Frank or PeterK had left there and saved us a huge hassle. Most new laptops don't have a serial port, but in principle there's a way to do this by using one of our USB-Serial adapters. We didn't try this, but just used an old laptop. The RJ45 connector must go into the top connector of the bottom 4; its labeled as 'console' on some of the VME computers. Thanks to K. Thorne for this very helpful hint and to Rolf for pointing me to KT.
  2. Installed 'minicom' on these machnes to allow communication via the serial port.
  3. Had to install RSH on chiara to allow the VME computers to connect to it. Also added the names of all the slow machines in /etc/hosts.equiv to allow for password-less login. Without this they were not able to load the vxWorks binary. It was tricky to get RSH to work, since its an insecure and deprecated service. 'rsh-server' doesn't work, but installing 'rsh-redone-server' did finally work for passwordless access. Must be that linux1 has RSH enabled, but of course, this was undocumented.
  4. Some of the SLOW machines didn't have their own target names or startup.cmd in their startup boot parameters (???). I fixed these.
  5. For C1VAC1, I have updated the boot parameters via bootChange, but I have not rebooted it. Waiting to do so when Koji and Steve are both around. We should make sure to not forget doing this on C1VAC2. Steve always tells us that it never works, but actually it does. It just crashes every so often.
  6. Leaving C1AUXEX and C1AUXEY for Q and Jacy to do, to see if this ELOG is good enough.
  7. The PSL crate still starts up with a SysFail light turned on red, but that doesn't seem to bother the c1psl operation. We (Steve) should go around and put a label on all the crates where SysFail is lit during 'normal' operation. Misleading warning lights are a bad thing.

We still don't have control completely of the MC Servo board, so we need the morning crew to start checking that out

An example session (using telnet, not the laptop/serial way) where we use bootChange to examine the correct c1aux config:

controls@pianosa|target> telnet c1aux
Connected to c1aux.martian.
Escape character is '^]'.

c1aux > bootChange

'.' = clear field;  '-' = go to previous field;  ^D = quit

boot device          : ei
processor number     : 0
host name            : chiara
file name            : /cvs/cds/vw/mv162-262-16M/vxWorks
inet on ethernet (e) :
inet on backplane (b):
host inet (h)        :
gateway inet (g)     :
user (u)             : controls
ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh):
flags (f)            : 0x0
target name (tn)     : c1aux
startup script (s)   : /cvs/cds/caltech/target/c1aux/startup.cmd
other (o)            :

value = 0 = 0x0
c1aux >

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