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  9   Wed May 19 12:01:56 2021 AidanSummaryEquipment transfer/loanGrounding and Shielding Techniques by Morrison. Loan sheet (reply to update).

Grounding and Shielding Techniques by Morrision. Loan sheet

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  8   Wed May 19 11:56:06 2021 AidanSummaryEquipment transfer/loanBuilding Scientific Apparatus by Moore. Loan sheet (Reply to update).

Building Scientific Apparatus by Moore. Loan sheet

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  7   Wed Apr 21 16:47:08 2021 AidanNotesDocumentationAdded books to the EE Shop library

The following books were added to the EE shop. Do not take them without first returning them.

  • Morrison, Grounding and Shielding Tehcniques, 4th Edition
  • Hobbs, Building electro-optical systems: making it all work, 2nd edition


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  6   Wed Apr 14 15:22:53 2021 AidanSummaryOrganizationTest location elog entry

Reply from my phone. 


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  5   Wed Apr 14 15:21:02 2021 AidanSummaryOrganizationTest location elog entry

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  4   Tue Mar 16 15:04:10 2021 aaronHowToActive Componentslearned how to phase lock marconi to RF signal

Chub dropped off a repaired Marconi 2023A signal generator, which I'm phase locking to a function generator to test out how it will go in my three corner hat measurement. Perhaps I could synchronize between the Moku phasemeter frequency estimate (of f_13, f_23) and Marconi frequency estimate (f_12) offline by introducing a time offset to f_12 and maximizing the correlation with f_13 and f_23?

Here's what I did. See attachment 1 for configuration. 

  1. Set the function generator for 27.1828 MHz sine at 0 dBm, to simulate my beat note signal
  2. Select an appropriate mixer and low pass filter. I have a BNC connected LP at 11 MHz that will work, and use a mixer that's for 0.1-500 MHz.
  3. Set the Marconi carrier to a few kHz away from the function generator (27.18 MHz) and 10 dBm RF power (so 7 dBm gets to my mixer after monitoring half the power)
  4. Use externally driven frequency modulation with DC coupling. With no amplifier in the loop, I found the loop is stable up to the maximum 200 kHz/Vrms frequency deviation (modulation depth). With an SR560 and G=100, the PLL locked at 5 kHz/Vrms and was stable up to 11-12 kHz/Vrms.
  5. The LF output on the Marconi is the frequency noise of the RF signal (for example, from the function generator) in units of the FM deviation. 
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  3   Fri Mar 12 13:08:48 2021 aaronNotesPassive Components 

I'm ordering a few electronic parts. Please add to this list if there's more I should pick up from DigiKey for EE. 

Also came in today to look for connectors, heat pads, heat sinks, box, etc for putting PSOMA's fiber optics in a box (+ EOM RF / DC bias).

  2   Thu Mar 11 22:08:22 2021 aaronDailyProgressPassive Componentslow frequency currents

I measured the current noise of our Thorlabs ITC502 laser driver today.

While in EE, I

  • started to make a box to hold a low temperature coefficient resistor and some connectors for low frequency current sensing
  • Noticed we are low on AA batteries (I found 1), and while we have AA and 9V battery holders, we don't have the AAA variety. I started a digikey order, and will ask around for more that's needed in EE.
  1   Wed Mar 3 11:30:13 2021 ranaDailyProgressOrganization 


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