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Entry  Sun Apr 17 14:59:36 2011, Aidan, Things to Buy, Delivery Note, L-Com patch panel, Newport lenses, Thorlabs fibers delivery notes newport_lenses_2011-03.pdfL-Com_patch_panel_-_2011-03.pdfthorlabs_fiber_optic_cables_2011-03.pdf
Entry  Mon Apr 18 15:06:53 2011, Aidan, Things to Buy, Hartmann sensor, Ordered 2" optics from Newport 
 Given that the HWS requires several 2" optics to handle the big beam size, I've ordered the following items from Newport:

    2x 2" 50/50 beam splitter: 20B20BS.2
    6x 2" NIR mirrors: 
Entry  Mon Jul 22 18:44:53 2019, Edita Bytyqi, Things to Buy, General, Need to Order Gloves 
Small/Medium size gloves need to be ordered in order to handle the optics carefully.
    Reply  Thu Jul 25 09:13:36 2019, Jon, Things to Buy, General, Need to Order Gloves 
New gloves are ordered for the TCS and QIL labs. They arrive tomorrow (Friday).


Small/Medium size gloves need to be ordered in order to handle the optics carefully.
Entry  Fri May 20 16:42:47 2022, Stephen, Things to Buy, Ordering, Up to Air valve for IR Labs Cryostat 
Purchased from Lesker, for venting of IR Labs Cryostat:

 - P/N C35103000
(KF10 Valve for up-to-air)
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