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    Reply  Wed May 30 18:50:05 2018, awade, Computing, DAQ, Rebooted fb4 
    Reply  Wed May 30 18:59:49 2018, awade, Computing, DAQ, FB4 ip address has changed 
    Reply  Wed Oct 17 16:17:45 2018, awade, Aidan, Computing, DAQ, Added AWC thermocouple reader back to acromag1 TCSIOCFILS.tar.gz
Entry  Tue Aug 17 22:34:14 2010, rana, Misc, General, ETM temperature after a 1W step etmt.swf
Entry  Tue Nov 29 09:13:49 2011, rana, Misc, LIGO 3G, Switching from CO2 to shorter wavelength solid state laser 
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