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  251   Wed May 11 19:46:21 2022 Aidan, Radhika, JordanLab InfrastructureVacuum chamberLeak cleaning on IR labs vacuum chamber - suspects

[Aidan, Jordan, Radhika]

Radhika and Jordan identified some particulates (hair and flecks of foil) on the O-ring on the IR labs dewer. Additionally, we saw a scratch in the O-ring groove and a nick on the metal of the base of the dewer where it meets the O-ring. All were in the leaky vicinity previously identified by the He testing.

We set up a cradle to hold the dewer while we are working on it. Still needs vertical supports.

R & J replaced the O-ring with a new one with Crytox applied. 

Attachment 1: IMG_8812.jpg
Attachment 2: IMG_8799.jpg
Attachment 3: IMG_8789.jpg
Attachment 4: IMG_8805.jpg
  252   Fri May 20 16:42:47 2022 StephenThings to BuyOrderingUp to Air valve for IR Labs Cryostat

Purchased from Lesker, for venting of IR Labs Cryostat:

 - P/N C35103000 (KF10 Valve for up-to-air)

 - P/N QF25XQF10 (KF25-KF10 Reducer)

 - P/N QF25-100-T (KF25 Tee)

(to be connected in between the Chamber Tee and the Gate Valve)

Should be in next week!

  253   Thu Jun 23 10:53:17 2022 JCLab InfrastructureGeneralSeat For Photodiode Testing

[JC, Chub, Radhika]

Chub and I ordered a few parts from McMaster in order build a handrail-like stopper to keep the dewar from falling over. We also cut off the excess 8020 which was leaning over the table to fit. To hold down the support for the Dewar, Radhika and I decided to use C-clamps from the EE shop.

Attachment 1: 62AE8A4B-F817-4A03-A2F1-AE48B97FB935.jpg
Attachment 2: IMG_1392_2.jpg
  254   Fri Jul 8 07:06:41 2022 JcMiscVACDewar

[Stephen, JC]

Stephen and I added a new valve to Dewar's vacuum system. This valve allows the flow of atmospheric pressure into the system. We added 3 components to the system which were the valve, an adapter, and a T-intersection. After added these components, we continued to pump down only the highlighted yellow and green area with Dewar being closed off. The system pumped down to .1 mTorr until we decided to close off the pump. Once we close the pump off, we noticed the pressure began to rise. We took apart the system again and looked over the O-rings. We came across one ring with a sticky and clear material surround the rim and another ring with a fiber on it. We proceeded to clean and reassemble the system, but ran into this same issue. We tried to find where this leak was by squirting isopropyl around each ring and posibbly so a slower rise in pressure, but had no luck.

Afterwards, I checked both T-intersections individually and came across the same rise in pressure after closing off the valve for both tests. We suspect this may have been normal beforehand?

We continued by putting it all back together and taking data of the pumpdown.

Attachment 1: 29FCB85E-0AC8-43ED-8A43-31DC04459CD4_1_201_a.jpeg
  255   Wed Jul 13 15:19:49 2022 JCElectronicsGeneralDesktop Computer


The desktop computer is now running Debian Linux

  256   Thu Jan 12 11:52:47 2023 KojiLab InfrastructureGeneralHow to move the large engine hoist through the narrow door

How to move the large engine hoist through the narrow door

See http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/Mariner/122

  257   Tue Feb 28 09:44:43 2023 AidanLab InfrastructureGeneralAdded lighting and tidied West Desk

I added LED stip lighting above the desk on the West wall. I also tidied that desk up (mostly in the drawers).


Attachment 1: IMG_3670.jpg
  258   Fri Mar 24 14:57:11 2023 JCLab InfrastructureFloor workLab Preparation for floor work
I prepared the East Side optical table on one half. The other half will be completely saran wrapped. The computer desk and Crackle chamber will next be placed closer to the South east corner of the room. Next, I will temporarily move the Hi Cube station to another lab until the floor is finished (probably DOPO).

I have gathered optics into plastic boxes and placed them in the clear door cabinets.
I placed the HEPA filter under the optical table in the Southeast corner. (This table will be saran wrapped from top to bottom)
Unplugged majority of the electronic module and placed them on the rack.
Removed loose cables from the wire rack.

Attachment #1 is what is left from the lab preparation list I've made. These are the next step I plan to take:

Remove the last bit of equipment from the center room optical table.
Before the meeting Tuesday, move the computer desk and the crackle chamber to the South East corner.
Remove HiCube from the laboratory and into another.
Saran Wrap the optical tables.
Attachment 1: Screen_Shot_2023-03-24_at_3.15.27_PM.png
Attachment 2: 5C51CF4C-0982-45A4-9FE0-A5B05DBD75CA.jpeg
Attachment 3: C5974FE2-8294-4C74-9FC6-854488CF17DB.jpeg
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