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  117   Tue Mar 1 11:19:34 2011 AidanThings to BuyDelivery NoteMFF001 flipper mirror has arrived

 The Thorlabs MFF001 flipper mirror recommended by Bram has arrived. The delivery note is attached.

Attachment 1: Flipper_mirror_delivery_notice.pdf
  118   Tue Mar 1 11:21:37 2011 AidanThings to BuyDelivery NoteMore Bosch framing parts - angle connectors

 Another box of Bosch framing parts arrived today. The delivery note is attached.

Attachment 1: Packing_List_04.pdf
  124   Tue Mar 8 18:57:50 2011 AidanThings to BuyDelivery NoteFiber optics cable and Bosch Fastener
Attachment 1: deliveries_2011-03-08.pdf
deliveries_2011-03-08.pdf deliveries_2011-03-08.pdf
  133   Mon Apr 4 13:13:23 2011 AidanThings to BuyDelivery NoteNewfocus 5102 mirrors and Firewire extension cable have arrived

 See attached delivery note ...

Attachment 1: receipt_mirrors.pdf
receipt_mirrors.pdf receipt_mirrors.pdf
  136   Sun Apr 17 14:59:36 2011 AidanThings to BuyDelivery NoteL-Com patch panel, Newport lenses, Thorlabs fibers delivery notes
Attachment 1: newport_lenses_2011-03.pdf
Attachment 2: L-Com_patch_panel_-_2011-03.pdf
Attachment 3: thorlabs_fiber_optic_cables_2011-03.pdf
thorlabs_fiber_optic_cables_2011-03.pdf thorlabs_fiber_optic_cables_2011-03.pdf
  139   Mon Apr 18 15:06:53 2011 AidanThings to BuyHartmann sensorOrdered 2" optics from Newport

 Given that the HWS requires several 2" optics to handle the big beam size, I've ordered the following items from Newport:

  • 2x 2" 50/50 beam splitter: 20B20BS.2
  • 6x 2" NIR mirrors: 5122
  • 8x 2" Ultima mirror mounts: U200-A2K
  232   Mon Jul 22 18:44:53 2019 Edita BytyqiThings to BuyGeneralNeed to Order Gloves

Small/Medium size gloves need to be ordered in order to handle the optics carefully.

  235   Thu Jul 25 09:13:36 2019 JonThings to BuyGeneralNeed to Order Gloves

New gloves are ordered for the TCS and QIL labs. They arrive tomorrow (Friday).


Small/Medium size gloves need to be ordered in order to handle the optics carefully.


  252   Fri May 20 16:42:47 2022 StephenThings to BuyOrderingUp to Air valve for IR Labs Cryostat

Purchased from Lesker, for venting of IR Labs Cryostat:

 - P/N C35103000 (KF10 Valve for up-to-air)

 - P/N QF25XQF10 (KF25-KF10 Reducer)

 - P/N QF25-100-T (KF25 Tee)

(to be connected in between the Chamber Tee and the Gate Valve)

Should be in next week!

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