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  228   Thu May 23 11:36:49 2019 aguptaLab InfrastructureBorrowedBorrowed Label Maker

I have borrowed TCS's label maker in CTN for few days. If you need it, you can take it from the top of blue cabinets.

  187   Thu Jul 13 10:11:57 2017 awadeElectronicsBorrowedBorrowed newport TrueRMS Supermeter

I lent your fancy Newport TrueRMS Supermeter with the thermocouple plugs on the top to the SURF student Jordon.  He has it in the cryo lab or the EE workshop with one of the PSL lab temperature probes.

Attachment 1: 2017-07-13_10.06.28.jpg
Attachment 2: 2017-07-13_10.06.29.jpg
  188   Thu Sep 21 18:56:53 2017 awadeMiscBorrowedBorrowed thorlabs power meter

Borrowed thorlabs power meter on 21 Sep 2017.  It is on the south table of the ATF lab.

  212   Wed May 30 18:50:05 2018 awadeComputingDAQRebooted fb4

Time was still off by nine days as of yesterday.  I tried rebooting remotely to see if time would correct to system clock.  It didn't and fb4 hung.

Just manually restarted the box.  Now dataviewer is showing a 'Time Now'  of 5 Jan 1980.   

Not sure how to set the frame builder clock time. Ultimately the best solution is to have ADC cards but can we find a hack for now? Is it possible to run a cron script it to reset time to the computer time?





The framebuilder on FB4 thinks the current time is 26-Jan-2018 6:18AM UTC. The date command on FB4 yields the correct date and time (5-Feb-2018 15:17 PST).

There is a major error with the framebuilder clock.


  213   Wed May 30 18:59:49 2018 awadeComputingDAQFB4 ip address has changed

Maybe you've resolved this now. I moved the DHCP allocation to and above around that time because a bunch of misc devices were starting to populate the dynamically allocated IP space around there.  I'd say FB4 was not setup with a manual IP at the time.



We've had trouble logging into FB4. I access the computer directly in the AWC lab and found that the IP address had changed from to

I'm not sure how this happened. It's possible that the IP address is not set to a static value and FB4 was rebooted. I'm not familar with Debian so I don't know where to look to find whether the IP address is static or not.

The DAQD is still running.


  222   Wed Oct 17 16:17:45 2018 awade, AidanComputingDAQAdded AWC thermocouple reader back to acromag1

Acromag IOC process was removed from PSL lab acromag1 computer a few months ago.  Aidan needs them again but it would be better if it were run from TCS lab computers.

An instance of the modbus IOC is now running on tcs-ws within a docker container.  Docker is named tcslabioc.  Configuration files are located in ~/modbus.  Instructions on how to use the docker are located in ATF:2249.  To install docker see google.

To set up the specific instance in the TCS lab run

>sudo docker run -dt --name tcslabioc -v /home/controls/modbus/test_acromag.cmd:/home/modbus/IOCStart.cmd -v /home/controls/modbus:/home/modbus -p 5064:5064 -p 5065:5065 -p 5064:5064/udp -p 5065:5065/udp andrewwade/modbusepicsdocker 

Then whenever you want to stop, run:

> sudo docker stop tcslabioc

or to restart run

>sudo docker restart tcslabioc. 

So if you update the .cmd or .db files just run the restart command above and the channels should automatically update when it reboots. For other cleanup and control commands see docker documentation.  It can also be configured to keep alive on system reboot.

The cmd and db files are included below in the attachments for reference. 


  • Thermcouple reader is plugged into an Acromag ADC (
  • acromag1 is now reading this in:
    • ~/modbus/iocBoot/iocTest/test_acromag.cmd (contains ip address of ADC)
    • ~/modbus/db/TEMPMONCHANS.db (contains the EPICS channel definitions and calibration of thermocouple reader)
  • C4:AWC-TEMPMON_C (output channel)

Restored work done in http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/TCS_Lab/201





Attachment 1: TCSIOCFILS.tar.gz
  91   Tue Aug 17 22:34:14 2010 ranaMiscGeneralETM temperature after a 1W step

This attachment is a Shockwave Flash animation of the iLIGO ETM getting a 1 W beam with a 3.5 cm radius getting fully absorbed onto the surface at t = 0.

Attachment 1: etmt.swf
  156   Tue Nov 29 09:13:49 2011 ranaMiscLIGO 3GSwitching from CO2 to shorter wavelength solid state laser

 Around a year ago, Phil and I discussed the possibility of using an OPO to possibly generate our own laser beam at ~2 microns for TCS. This was to avoid all of the usual hassle of the 10 micron CO2 laser.

As it turns out, the 1.5-3 micron range doesn't have enough absorption in fused silica: the absorption depth would be basically the whole thickness of the optics and this is not so useful when trying to correct surface heating.

During my recent trip to JILA, Jan Hall mentioned to me that it should be possible to operate instead at ~5 microns, where laser technology may be solid state and where we can use Si:As detectors instead of the inefficient HgCdTe ones which we use now.

JWST, in partnerships with industry, have developed some Si:As detectors:  http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/infrared.html   

Some internet searching shows that there are now several laser technologies for the mid-IR or MWIR range. Some are <1 W, but some are in the ~10 W range.

Of course, its possible that we'll switch to Silicon substrates, in which case we need to re-evaluate the goals and/or existence of TCS.

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