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Message ID: 26     Entry time: Mon May 3 17:43:48 2010
Author: Aidan 
Type: Computing 
Category: Frame Grabber 
Subject: Successful image capture with EDT frame grabber 

I noticed that when i ran /opt/EDTpdv/camconfig and selected camera 331, which appeared to be closest to the Dalsa Pantera 1M60 camera, the software loaded the configuration file pantera11m4fr.cfg.

I tried to locate which entry in the camconfig list corresponded to the dalsa_1m60.cfg configuration file, but none of them seemed to. I couldn't select any entry and get it to report that it was using the 1m60 config file.

Next I noticed that there were 659 configuration files in the /opt/EDTpdv/camera_config directory but only 460 configuration options in camconfig. This seemed like 1/3 of the config files were somehow not formatted correctly, including,possibly the 1M60 config file.

By editing the pantera11m4fr.cfg I verified that the name of the camera, as it appears in the camconfig program, is the second line in the configuration file. For that file it was:

# CAMERA_MODEL 	"Dalsa Pantera 12 bit single channel camera link"
where the first line is just a single hash. The dalsa_1m60.cfg file did not have a name formatted in the same way as above: it was originally as shown below:

# Dalsa 1m60 config file (freerun)
so i changed the name in that configuration file to the following and it was suddenly available in the list when ./camconfig was run

# CAMERA_MODEL "Dalsa 1m60 config file (freerun)"

I selected that camera (number 53 in the list). Once this was done I ran pdv_flshow/pdvshow again the image that was displayed from the camera appeared to be correctlty demodulated.

Actually, the very first time i ran pdvshow the image was demodulated correctly but it appeared that the origin was offset and then the image wrapped around a little at the edges. However, every successive time I've run pdvshow since then I've had a perfectly demodulated image.

I ran some test patterns by changing the video mode using the serial communications menu in the camera. I also illuminated the Hartmann sensor with a torch/flashlight and got some spot patterns - see attached images.

Also, I've attached the dalsa_1m60.cfg file.



Attachment 1: 20100503_dalsa1m60_configuration_notes.txt  5 kB  | Show | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 2: 2010-05-03_dalsa1m60_image_test_pattern_and_spots.tif  1.000 MB  Uploaded Mon May 3 19:05:26 2010  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 3: 2010-05-03_dalsa1m60_image_test_pattern_right_side.tif  1.000 MB  Uploaded Mon May 3 19:05:46 2010  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 4: dalsa_1m60.cfg  924 Bytes  Uploaded Mon May 3 19:06:55 2010  | Show | Hide all | Show all
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