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Message ID: 251     Entry time: Wed May 11 19:46:21 2022
Author: Aidan, Radhika, Jordan 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Vacuum chamber 
Subject: Leak cleaning on IR labs vacuum chamber - suspects 

[Aidan, Jordan, Radhika]

Radhika and Jordan identified some particulates (hair and flecks of foil) on the O-ring on the IR labs dewer. Additionally, we saw a scratch in the O-ring groove and a nick on the metal of the base of the dewer where it meets the O-ring. All were in the leaky vicinity previously identified by the He testing.

We set up a cradle to hold the dewer while we are working on it. Still needs vertical supports.

R & J replaced the O-ring with a new one with Crytox applied. 

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