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  1901   Fri Feb 5 14:15:22 2021 ranaDailyProgressOpticsOPO cavity lockFor the splitting, I recommend not to use
a splitter.

Instead, you can use a -10 or -20
  1902   Wed Feb 17 11:56:48 2021 PacoLab InfrastructureElectronicsUPDH box zero model and SR560 "lock"UPDHv3 box (serial 17142) is bogus. While
retrieving values of some of the components
to plug into working zero model, saw the
  1903   Thu Feb 18 09:39:01 2021 PacoDailyProgressElectronicsPDH error signal misbehavingError signal

Upon closer inspection
the error signal seems to vary quite significantly
on the scope (scanning @ 2 Hz), sometimes
  1904   Wed Feb 24 17:42:49 2021 PacoDailyProgressGeneralDOPO locking and SHGLocking update

The plan during
these past few days has been to have fast
control loop of the cavity (locked to laser
  1905   Thu Feb 25 10:28:07 2021 PacoDailyProgressOpticsDOPO lock enduranceTest long term stability of the DOPO cavity
lock; The cavity remained resonant overnight
(start ~ 8 PM yesterday) and lost around
  1906   Tue Mar 9 19:21:38 2021 PacoMiscOpticsDOPO cavity pole- Noticed that the cavity transmission
peaks @ 1064 nm were much wider than originally
estimated by the dopo cavity design
  1907   Tue Mar 30 15:18:06 2021 PacoLab InfrastructureEquipmentLoan2um CCD borrowedWith Aidan's assistance, I borrowed

WiDy SWIR camera (Pembroke
WiDy SWIR 640U-A) from the QIL (Attachment
  1908   Wed Apr 14 16:49:30 2021 PacoMiscOptomechanicsDOPO mount v2Drew some new mounting scheme for the DOPO
cavity; main revisions with respect to the
current mount are -->
  1909   Tue May 18 10:28:50 2021 PacoLab InfrastructureEquipmentLoanheimann sensor updateHeimann (HTPA80x64d) thermopile array;

First test to grab frames was done in my
personal Win10 machine, with no success.
  1910   Wed May 19 09:25:34 2021 PacoNoise HuntingDOPO316 Hz noise[Paco]

- Have been investigating 316 Hz
noise in the control signal for the DOPO
  1911   Thu May 20 17:09:43 2021 KojiSummaryGeneralAnother Heimann SensorAnother Heimann Sensor / Boston Electronics
delivered to Paco.
This unit (purchased May 2020/ / Delivered
  1912   Wed Jun 2 18:37:09 2021 PacoSummaryCrackleVent crackle experiment[Paco, Anchal, Ian, Yehonathan]

Today, in preparation for the optical
table to come, we vented the big crackle
  1913   Thu Jun 10 09:59:52 2021 PacoLab InfrastructureDOPODisassembly for new optical tableToday the DOPO v0 got disassembled to make
way for the optical table swap. Most components
have been stored in the white cabinet's
  1914   Wed Jul 7 13:05:07 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLNew aspheric flexures[Radhika, Paco]

Today we fired up the 1418 nm ECDL
and attempted initial adjustment of the aspheric
  1915   Fri Jul 9 11:40:42 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLNew aspheric flexures[Radhika, Paco]

We tweaked the flexure alignment
until we had a nominally collimated beam
  1916   Wed Jul 14 12:21:08 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLECDL lases... and MZ locked mid-fringe[Paco]

Worked for a few hours to get the
aspheric properly aligned. The procedure
  1917   Wed Aug 4 11:36:30 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL with 2um AOM tests[Radhika, Paco]

In order to transition the ECDL
laser noise characterization to a heterodyne
  1918   Tue Aug 10 09:51:44 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz[radhika, paco]

We changed the setup to use a low
power amplifier rather than the 5W amp from
  1919   Tue Aug 10 11:00:43 2021 PacoDailyProgressDOPODOPO v2[paco, nina]

We started rebuilding the DOPO
in the lab even though the new optical table
  1920   Thu Aug 12 11:49:59 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz[Paco, Radhika]

When previously trying to characterize
the AOM, we had noticed no 1st order diffraction
  1921   Tue Aug 17 11:09:29 2021 ranaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHzShould measure the S-matrix using a bi-directional
  1922   Wed Sep 1 13:12:02 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz    
  1923   Thu Sep 2 17:31:38 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418 nm ECDL Relative Intensity NoiseI took a relative intensity noise (RIN)
measurement of the ECDL, by feeding the 0th
order output of the AOM to the SR785. The
  1924   Thu Sep 16 15:21:21 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco,  Radhika]

Uninstalled the fiber AOM and temporarily
removed the third fiber 2x2 port beamsplitter.
  1925   Wed Sep 22 16:44:34 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco, Radhika]

We had previously noticed that
the ECDL laser power seemed weaker compared
  1926   Mon Oct 4 17:44:34 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco, Radhika]

Last Friday we received a new lens
to direct the AOM 1st-order beam from
  1927   Tue Oct 19 13:52:03 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418nm ECDL Frequency noise   ECDL_diagram.pdfECDL_FNM_13-10-2021_151524.pdf 
  1928   Tue Mar 8 09:32:56 2022 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418nm ECDL Frequency noise[Paco, Radhika]

Beatnote recovery

ECDL characterization last Friday. After
  1929   Thu Jun 23 16:34:46 2022 PacoLab InfrastructureDOPORelocated DOPO setupFollowing Koji's request, I took some
time to clear the area surrounding the crackle
chamber so it can be migrated to the former
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