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  197   Tue May 10 16:59:36 2011 tara,ryan, mingyuanThings to BuyBladesblade holding blockWe
finalized the drawing for blade clamping
system. The drawings are posted here and
  200   Wed May 11 22:42:28 2011 tara,ryan, mingyuanThings to BuyBladesblade holding blockWe
submitted the drawing to the machine shop
today. The works should be done before May
  1914   Wed Jul 7 13:05:07 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLNew aspheric flexures[Radhika, Paco]

Today we fired up the 1418 nm ECDL
and attempted initial adjustment of the aspheric
  1915   Fri Jul 9 11:40:42 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLNew aspheric flexures[Radhika, Paco]

We tweaked the flexure alignment
until we had a nominally collimated beam
  1916   Wed Jul 14 12:21:08 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLECDL lases... and MZ locked mid-fringe[Paco]

Worked for a few hours to get the
aspheric properly aligned. The procedure
  1917   Wed Aug 4 11:36:30 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL with 2um AOM tests[Radhika, Paco]

In order to transition the ECDL
laser noise characterization to a heterodyne
  1918   Tue Aug 10 09:51:44 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz[radhika, paco]

We changed the setup to use a low
power amplifier rather than the 5W amp from
  1920   Thu Aug 12 11:49:59 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz[Paco, Radhika]

When previously trying to characterize
the AOM, we had noticed no 1st order diffraction
  1921   Tue Aug 17 11:09:29 2021 ranaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHzShould measure the S-matrix using a bi-directional
  1922   Wed Sep 1 13:12:02 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz    
  1923   Thu Sep 2 17:31:38 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418 nm ECDL Relative Intensity NoiseI took a relative intensity noise (RIN)
measurement of the ECDL, by feeding the 0th
order output of the AOM to the SR785. The
  1924   Thu Sep 16 15:21:21 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco,  Radhika]

Uninstalled the fiber AOM and temporarily
removed the third fiber 2x2 port beamsplitter.
  1925   Wed Sep 22 16:44:34 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco, Radhika]

We had previously noticed that
the ECDL laser power seemed weaker compared
  1926   Mon Oct 4 17:44:34 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco, Radhika]

Last Friday we received a new lens
to direct the AOM 1st-order beam from
  1927   Tue Oct 19 13:52:03 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418nm ECDL Frequency noise   ECDL_diagram.pdfECDL_FNM_13-10-2021_151524.pdf 
  1928   Tue Mar 8 09:32:56 2022 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418nm ECDL Frequency noise[Paco, Radhika]

Beatnote recovery

ECDL characterization last Friday. After
  654   Fri Jun 28 13:04:27 2013 Edward TaylorLab Infrastructure Experimental Cavity DimensionsThe bottom of the cryostat contains a chamber
where the main components of the experiment
will be contained. This space is cylindrical
  657   Mon Jul 1 08:08:22 2013 Edward TaylorLab Infrastructure IR Lab Cryostat Photos

  658   Mon Jul 1 08:46:47 2013 Edward TaylorDailyProgress Mechanical Loss of Silicon Flexures (With Comsol Models)I include comsol models of 6 different
eigenfrequencies for a certain silicon flexure. In
addition,  the expected graphs
  794   Mon Jun 16 17:52:37 2014 GabrieleDailyProgress Some progress I opened the chamber and spent half
afternoon tweaking the fiber feed-through.
This thing is extremely unreliable. 
  975   Wed May 13 17:10:16 2015 GabrieleDailyProgress Some retuning
The Michelson fringes looked too
fast to me, so I started investigating the
reason. The z damping od both test blades
  1171   Mon Aug 24 13:00:05 2015 GabrieleSummary Plan of the weekThe
goal is to start crackling noise data taking
before the end of the week.
  1226   Tue Sep 15 11:39:02 2015 FedericoDailyProgress Local Oscillator board[Federico, Gabriele]

We decided to downconvert
the "broadband" output of the ultrasonic
  1237   Fri Sep 18 15:15:58 2015 GabrieleDailyProgress Analysis of last night data[Gabriele, Federico]

Last night we left the acoustic
emission test bed running, with an excitation
  1768   Sat Oct 20 00:38:43 2018 DuoHowTo DAC Noise monitor PCB layersBackground: The design of the DAC
noise monitor is in the PCB design stage
- I am trying to put the circuit on the PCB
  1769   Tue Oct 23 00:57:13 2018 DuoHowTo DAC Noise monitor PCB layersI proceeded as described below. The routing
is completed. All the signal routing is completed.
One thing worries me is that I am afraid
  1770   Wed Oct 24 15:01:50 2018 DuoHowTo DAC Noise monitor PCB layersAs per Chris's suggestions, I replaced
the capacitors with surface mount ceramic
capacitors, doubled the trace width to 0.5mm
  1771   Wed Oct 24 21:55:45 2018 DuoHowTo DAC Noise monitor PCB layersI forgot to connect the outputs of U1 and
U2. It is fixed. I also run the design rule
check and verified that all the connections
  1772   Sat Nov 24 20:09:14 2018 DuoMisc Noise monitor PCB assembly completedProgress: the board and components arrived
and assembled. Some obvious mistakes are
fixed on the next version in Altium.
  1774   Fri Dec 7 18:27:27 2018 DuoMisc Noisemon problem identified and another order placedProgress: The reason why the board
from oshpark did not work is found.
The board has 6 layers, but Oshpark only
  1775   Wed Dec 12 21:50:44 2018 DuoDailyProgress New board arrived and other components on the board placed in AltiumThe new board arrived this afternoon. I
tried the connections - it has
enough layers and is grounded. I will assemble
  1776   Sat Dec 15 15:30:44 2018 DuoDailyProgress Noise in the last Low pass sallen key filterProgress:

1. Board assembled

2. One design error found and fixed
  1778   Thu Jan 3 15:33:40 2019 DuoDailyProgress New, Full noisemon completedHere is a full version of the noisemon,
with four channels and the power regulator.
I did the routing again since the previous
  1779   Thu Jan 3 16:24:22 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noise in the last Low pass sallen key filterThe reason for this problem was found.
The gain of the sallen key filters was too
high. There is an intrinsic limit of
  1781   Sun Jan 6 15:37:39 2019 DuoDailyProgress Isolated test of the oscillating op ampIt seems there can be multiple reasons
for an op amp to oscillate. I wanted to identify
the nature of the oscillation.
  1782   Tue Jan 8 22:47:07 2019 DuoDailyProgress Isolated test of the oscillating op ampAfter a few days of struggling (and essential
help from Chris), mystery is resolved. Fortunately,
the oscillation does not have much to do
  1783   Sun Jan 20 16:00:37 2019 DuoDailyProgress Update on the noisemon boardTwo more oscillations problems are resolved,
and there is no more oscillations. In the
time series (the inputs are terminated),
  1784   Fri Feb 1 12:35:13 2019 not DuoDailyProgress Update on the noisemon boardDuo's noisemon has been in the EE shop/cryo
lab for testing.  It is a drop-in replacement
for the existing monitor board, including
  1785   Tue Feb 5 20:55:34 2019 DuoSummary Noisemon test resultsBased on the test results posted, I did
the following analysis:

1. Compared measured transfer function
  1787   Tue Feb 19 18:11:43 2019 DuoDailyProgress Tuesday reportSome clean up work on the noisemon is done.

1. Added compensate capacitor.

2. Added mounting holes.
  1788   Mon Apr 1 20:25:20 2019 DuoDailyProgress Changes on noisemon being madeAttachment: new PCB schematics with all
the changes made.

We (Chris and I) had a conversation
  1789   Wed Apr 17 16:34:37 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon updateWe added differential drivers at the outputs
of all the monitors. After that the routing
becomes impossible at the output connectors.
  1790   Sat Jun 8 15:52:48 2019 DuoMisc Arrival date of noisemonWe ordered the board from Screaming Circuits
and chose to provide the component ourselves.
However, the parcel we ordered from Verical
  1795   Wed Jul 17 13:35:02 2019 DuoDailyProgress Unknown issueI connected the DAC to ADC direclty (picture
1) and send a sine signal into the DAC. However,
I did not get the sine signal back from the
  1804   Thu Aug 15 17:23:40 2019 DuoDailyProgress L1 noisemon 1-coherenceNoisemon installed in ITMX at L1. I pulled
the 1-coherence data. trying to compare with
Valery's measurement: https://alog.ligo-la.caltech.edu/aLOG/index.php?callRep=43240.
  1805   Tue Aug 20 10:31:12 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon testI calculated the noise based on L1 data.
My calculation is

(1-coherence) * drive = noise in
  1806   Tue Aug 20 18:15:11 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon data more avgIncrease avg to 1000. We are going to calculate
the DAC noise from this.
  1808   Thu Aug 22 18:13:19 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon Data from all four channelsL1 noisemon data for all four channels.  l1_template.xml 
  1809   Fri Aug 23 13:42:16 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon Data from all four channelsPlotted.

  1810   Fri Aug 23 15:11:36 2019 DuoDailyProgress ETMY noisemonWill compare ITMX with ETMY.  l1_ETMY_template.xmlScreenshot_from_2019-08-23_15-11-05.png 
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