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  1831   Mon Nov 25 16:43:50 2019 DuoDailyProgress Time domain projection is consistent with LLO data (except LL channel, which saturates)We see a report of noisemon problem from
LLO: https://alog.ligo-la.caltech.edu/aLOG/index.php?callRep=49892

The time domain data is projected
  1832   Wed Nov 27 23:45:29 2019 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon Debug ProgressI found that two of the channels misbehaves
after the board runs for a couple hours.
Turning the power off and back on returns
  1833   Mon Dec 2 15:28:03 2019 DuoMisc S1900296 board damagedI think I shorted somewhere near the RTN
testpoint on the board today while testing
it. I saw some sparks. After that the board
  1834   Tue Dec 3 09:50:18 2019 DuoDailyProgress Interesting observation on noisemon debuggingWe have observed that the noisemon bug
happens after it is powered on for about
1.5 hour. Noisemon has been powered on overnight
  1835   Wed Dec 4 19:00:37 2019 Noisemon board modifiedDailyProgress Noisemon board modificationsAccording to previous post 1834, we think
the noisemon problem is very likely caused
by C2 charging. Hence we did the following
  1836   Thu Dec 5 12:37:58 2019 Noisemon board modifiedDailyProgress Noisemon board modificationsThe modification is successful. The attachment
shows the result after the board runs for
12 hours. We modified channel 1 and 2 so
  1839   Mon Dec 9 22:06:19 2019 DuoDailyProgress Two boards testedI finished testing S1900294 and S1900297
and plan to ship them to the sites.

I got stuck at a couple things.
  1840   Thu Dec 12 16:48:39 2019 DuoDailyProgress Modifying the board changes the transfer functionThe noisemon board has been modified according
to 1835. We do not expect any change in the
transfer function but we see an increase
  1841   Mon Jan 13 16:48:52 2020 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon updatesI did some documentation work these days.

- Noisemon Test Plan:
  1842   Tue Jan 14 17:07:49 2020 DuoDailyProgress Testing another two boardsI am testing another two boards to be shipped
to Hanford today. I found and fixed some
bad soldering. However, the frontend crashed
  1843   Tue Jan 21 16:13:03 2020 DuoDailyProgress Distortion of noisemonWe have sent version 2 noisemon boards
(modifications from version 1 noted in 1835)
to Livingston and Hanford. Chris noticed
  1847   Thu Feb 13 00:25:36 2020 DuoDailyProgress Noisemon at L1I calculated the DAC noise for L1. Attachment
1 has all the plots and data. Attachment
2 is the result in strain.
  1883   Wed Dec 23 15:43:01 2020 PacoDailyProgress OPO cavity assemblyLaseroptik optics (4x pairs of cavity mirrors)
arrived earlier this week, so I began assembling
the input mirror with Noliac (NAC2124) PZT.
  1914   Wed Jul 7 13:05:07 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLNew aspheric flexures[Radhika, Paco]

Today we fired up the 1418 nm ECDL
and attempted initial adjustment of the aspheric
  1915   Fri Jul 9 11:40:42 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLNew aspheric flexures[Radhika, Paco]

We tweaked the flexure alignment
until we had a nominally collimated beam
  1916   Wed Jul 14 12:21:08 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLECDL lases... and MZ locked mid-fringe[Paco]

Worked for a few hours to get the
aspheric properly aligned. The procedure
  1917   Wed Aug 4 11:36:30 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL with 2um AOM tests[Radhika, Paco]

In order to transition the ECDL
laser noise characterization to a heterodyne
  1918   Tue Aug 10 09:51:44 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz[radhika, paco]

We changed the setup to use a low
power amplifier rather than the 5W amp from
  1920   Thu Aug 12 11:49:59 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz[Paco, Radhika]

When previously trying to characterize
the AOM, we had noticed no 1st order diffraction
  1921   Tue Aug 17 11:09:29 2021 ranaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHzShould measure the S-matrix using a bi-directional
  1922   Wed Sep 1 13:12:02 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1419 nm ECDL AOM diffraction at 95 MHz    
  1923   Thu Sep 2 17:31:38 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418 nm ECDL Relative Intensity NoiseI took a relative intensity noise (RIN)
measurement of the ECDL, by feeding the 0th
order output of the AOM to the SR785. The
  1924   Thu Sep 16 15:21:21 2021 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco,  Radhika]

Uninstalled the fiber AOM and temporarily
removed the third fiber 2x2 port beamsplitter.
  1925   Wed Sep 22 16:44:34 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco, Radhika]

We had previously noticed that
the ECDL laser power seemed weaker compared
  1926   Mon Oct 4 17:44:34 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDLFree space AOM[Paco, Radhika]

Last Friday we received a new lens
to direct the AOM 1st-order beam from
  1927   Tue Oct 19 13:52:03 2021 RadhikaDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418nm ECDL Frequency noise   ECDL_diagram.pdfECDL_FNM_13-10-2021_151524.pdf 
  1928   Tue Mar 8 09:32:56 2022 PacoDailyProgress1418 nm AUX ECDL1418nm ECDL Frequency noise[Paco, Radhika]

Beatnote recovery

ECDL characterization last Friday. After
  161   Tue Oct 12 10:51:36 2010 AlastairMiscBladesUseful document We're going to use this elog to store
some of our lab work on blades that will
be going on in the SUS lab.
  193   Thu May 5 21:39:07 2011 tara,ryanThings to BuyBladesblade holding blockWe
made a drawing for a structure hat will hold
the maraging blade. The details aren't complete
  196   Mon May 9 22:25:26 2011 tara,ryan, mingyuanThings to BuyBladesblade holding block We
made a sketch for the weight clamp that will
carry the mass block on the end of the blades.
  197   Tue May 10 16:59:36 2011 tara,ryan, mingyuanThings to BuyBladesblade holding blockWe
finalized the drawing for blade clamping
system. The drawings are posted here and
  200   Wed May 11 22:42:28 2011 tara,ryan, mingyuanThings to BuyBladesblade holding blockWe
submitted the drawing to the machine shop
today. The works should be done before May
  368   Mon Oct 24 16:18:45 2011 Giordon StarkHowToCOMSOL+MatlabHow to set up COMSOL to communicate with Matlab (Mac OSX Lion)  Mac OSX Lion came out pretty
recently and COMSOL 4.2 [at the time of the
writing] does not successfully install on
  385   Thu Jan 26 11:49:45 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating QParts gathered, etc.[Giordon, Zach]
Yesterday, we went to the 40m and
stole most of the parts we will need for
  386   Thu Jan 26 15:48:16 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QScrounging of Parts and slight issues Zach and Giordon went to the 40m
yesterday afternoon and rounded up a whole
slew of parts. These include:
  387   Fri Jan 27 11:40:05 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QLaser Specifications We have two lasers in the lab which
have (quoted) "random polarization".
These are the uniphase lasers labeled 1103.
  388   Fri Jan 27 17:22:34 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QLaser Issues (part 2) The 1103P we found was pretty crappy
and wasn't staying on. We broke for lunch,
Zach had a meeting, and met up again around
  389   Mon Jan 30 04:38:14 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QCalculated Noise Measurements of Photodiodes, Preamp SetupAttached a lot of things - the PDF contains
an updated list of parts with links to part
specifications. We're still missing information
  390   Mon Jan 30 12:28:03 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QLock-in Amplifier Fun [Giordon, and Zach came along]
So, we grabbed (nabbed) a chopper
from the 40m and stuck it on our set-up in
  391   Mon Jan 30 15:10:42 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating QESD preliminary designI have made a first draft of the design  ESD.png 
  393   Wed Feb 1 00:11:16 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating QESD preliminary designWith only minor changes to the actual  ESD.png 
  394   Wed Feb 1 13:48:24 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QLock-in Amplifier Testing (Good Results) [Giordon]
I ran the testing for the lock-in
amplifier specified on pages 6-1 through
  395   Wed Feb 1 19:05:34 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating QESDs purchasedI made some final changes to the ESD design
  396   Wed Feb 1 19:37:00 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating Qvacuum system inspected[Alastair, Giordon, Zach]
  397   Thu Feb 2 14:32:30 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QLock In Amplifier Testing Results 
Here are the results of the SR830
Test Run I mentioned in an eLog post yesterday.
  398   Thu Feb 2 15:11:44 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QNEP of Experimental Set up [FIXED][Giordon, Zach]
 The last post we discussed
the noise measurements with a noticeable
  399   Thu Feb 2 18:59:20 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating Qfront-end noise budgetI took the liberty of making my own  CQ_frontend_electronics_NB_2_2_2102.png 
  400   Fri Feb 3 16:50:02 2012 Giordon StarkDailyProgressCoating QNew Setup (closer to what we planned out) Lab set up update. Pictures and panorama
Panorama (it's cool!): linky
  401   Fri Feb 3 23:32:51 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating QStuff we're gettingThe ESDs    
  402   Mon Feb 6 12:14:09 2012 ZachDailyProgressCoating QStuff we're gettingI ordered the PEEK connector and it   
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