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Message ID: 692     Entry time: Sat Aug 3 14:50:51 2013
Author: Giorgos 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Coupling from coil's signal 

Coupling from coils' signal

On Thursday, I measured the HE sensors sensitivity to the magnetic field provided by the feedback coils. Unfortunately, I discovered that there was significant coupling; the sensors feel equally the plate's displacement and the magnetic field from the sensors. This effect changes our feedback loop, which now looks as drawn below. (the line between GP and GC boxes is mistakenly showing up after converting from



I calculated the output of the plate based on this configuration and found that .

If our GY is big, I can rewrite this equation as x= GpF, also assuming that the transfer function of the plant Gp is very small (as desired). In this case, our system will not be stable, because no feedback is essentially used. To reduce the coupling from the coils' signal, we changed the arrangement of the plant. To this point, the ACs feedback coils were at the same place as the ACs sensors. So, we decided to switch the DC and AC coils (not physically) and provide the feedback from the DCs coils instead, which lie further away from the sensors. In this way, we hope that the sensors would not feel as strong of a field from the AC coils as before. Our DC actuation boards did not have the transfer function (low-pass filter) that we included in the AC actuation boards, so we had to make adjustments in the digital feedback. We added dewhitening for the DC coils (now used for feedback) and whitening for the AC coils (now used for DC magnetic offset).





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