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Message ID: 676     Entry time: Wed Jul 24 01:00:36 2013
Author: Giorgos 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Finished 1st Stage - Installation of MatLab 

Today, the front panels for the HE and Coils Board arrived. I spent the day preparing the last power lines for the DC coil boards, marking and drilling holes, cutting ribon wires for the ADC and DAC conversion, grouping the wires together using cable ties, testing the boards. We are officially finished with the first stage. Tomorrow, we will measure the transfer function of the system to start creating the feedback filter with the computer.

I also installed MatLab. At the beginning, the setup.exe file could not load the installation. Apparently, there was a problem with the saving directory, because it included non-English(Greek) characters. I saved the data in a folder inside the C disk: "C:\MatLab" to make it work.  Tomorrow, I will create the Bode Plots and use MatLab to simulate the behavior of our system.

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