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Message ID: 663     Entry time: Tue Jul 9 18:13:29 2013
Author: Giorgos 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Strain Gauge Voltage Offset  

Strain Gauge Boards

Our conditioning boards did not have a low-pass filter. That is a problem, since these circuits were designed to amplify a DC voltage offset, but the op-amp cannot provide that gain at very high frequencies. We introduced a capacitor to create a low-pass filter and made sure the cut-off frequency of our setup was lower than the one of the op-amp: f= 1/(RC*2pi). For our R=24kΩ, we chose C=0.1μF. So, we built a low-pass filter for our 6 strain gauge boards and then measured the DC voltage offset. Our digital voltage meter can read up to 200mV, so we adjusted the one adjustable resistor to get the offset voltage as low as a few mV. As we slightly pussed on the strain gauge sensors, the voltage increased indicating that our circuits work fine.

Panels for Coil Actuators & Hall-Effect sensors' power boards

At the end of the day, I marked the holes for 5 power boards on the panels of our coil (3 power boards) and Hall-effect sensors' box (2 power boards).

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