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Message ID: 645     Entry time: Mon Jun 24 23:32:04 2013
Author: Giorgos Mamakoukas 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Power PCB boards and design of the box 

We wanted to wire up different PCB boards aiming to power our PCB boards that are connected to the strain gauge and amplify the signal. We looked at the schematics and picked resistors' values so that we have negative (using LM2991 adjustable regulator) and positive (with a LM2941 adjustable regulator) voltage inputs of -15V and +15V respectively. We built six of these PCB boards, missing only very few components, which we ordered.

Then, we looked at the box in which we will place the PCB "amplifying" boards. We also figured out how to drill holes on the cover of the box to get all the wires through. Our final measurements are shown below:Photo0446.jpg

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