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Entry  Fri Feb 3 23:32:51 2012, Zach, DailyProgress, Coating Q, Stuff we're getting 
    Reply  Mon Feb 6 12:14:09 2012, Zach, DailyProgress, Coating Q, Stuff we're getting 
Message ID: 402     Entry time: Mon Feb 6 12:14:09 2012     In reply to: 401
Author: Zach 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Coating Q 
Subject: Stuff we're getting 

I ordered the PEEK connector and it should be in by Wed. Worst case, we can set up the ESD and weld the sample without having the connector, and then hook it up once it's in.

I went for the 4-terminal one (instead of the 8-terminal one linked below), since it was half the price and we shouldn't need more than 2 terminals anyway. I chose 4 instead of 2 in case we wanted to expand later.


The ESDs have shipped, though for some reason I chose UPS Ground and so they are scheduled to get here on Wednesday. Oops.

I spoke with Margot today and she thinks she can provide us with as much in-vac solder as we're likely to need for them. She was going to stop by the SUS lab to check out the setup this afternoon, but I think we were both too busy. I'll see if she can come by on Monday.

I also spoke with Rich about the in-vac HV connectors. The idea is that we want to be able to quickly attach and detach the ESD from the HV supply wires so that we can get the drive and the sample set up nicely before lowering it back into the vacuum chamber. For illustration, I think Giordon should make a little diagram of what the in-vac setup looks like (i.e., suspended from the stainless steel disk at the top, with metal-bar-and-teflon-block frame hanging downward. The ESD will be screwed into one of the teflon blocks.

Rich pointed me to this relatively cheap PEEK in-vac connector. We can attach this to the chamber and have the +HV and ground connected to it semi-permanently. Then, we can have long cables soldered to the ESD on one end that we screw into this connector each time we re-lower the suspension into the chamber. Voilà.

I'll order this ASAP and ship it quickly.


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